Clipsal C-Bus

The Clipsal C-Bus system is a microprocessor based wiring system which controls lighting and other electrical devices. C-Bus can control and automate any kind of electrical load, from the on/off functionality of a lighting circuit to the analogue input of a dimmer switch.

The information is held within individual units rather than one central point. This ensures optimum communications speed and reliability. Clipsal C-Bus is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Residential Home Control

Home entertainment – Integrated audio-visual, lighting control and other electrical devices.
Security – Integrated security, lighting and other electrical devices.
Comfort – Dimming, scene setting, etc.
Convenience – Multiple point control, central point control from touch screens, automated time- based control, automated ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Welcome Home’ scenes.
Energy efficiency – Incorporation of light level sensors, occupancy control, temperature sensors and much more to make your home operate more efficiently.
Commercial Lighting Control

Fluorescent lighting control for energy cost savings in high rise buildings.
Integration with occupancy sensors and daylight level sensors, for energy efficiency.
High-bay control in warehouses for energy cost saving.
Integration with BMS to provide a more comprehensive lighting control solution.
Mood Lighting in Restaurants and Retail Outlets

Flexible and integrated control of lighting and audiovisual equipment in boardrooms. Architectural lighting control for hotel
foyers, ballrooms, art galleries and museums.
Standalone Room Control

Integrated automation via touch screen user interfaces. For conference rooms and home theatres.
Multiple scene/mood setting.

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