1 Channel C-Bus Fan Control Relay

£145.00 excl. VAT

The C-Bus Ceiling Sweep Fan Control Relay offers the ability for C-Bus input devices such as wall switches, DLT switches and touchscreens to natively switch speeds on ceiling sweep fans that regulate their speed using capacitors. Until now, this style of sweep fan speed control has been provided by using standard C-Bus relay devices in the switchboard enclosure, or by integration with third-party relay products. Housed in a 3 pole DIN-rail enclosure, the fan control relay offers the installer the ability to install the unit alongside 12 pole C-Bus output units inside 15 pole wide switchboards.

The C-Bus Ceiling Sweep Fan Control Relay is powered by the C-Bus network. This enables the control relay to handle ceiling fans that operate at a wide range of input voltages and frequencies. The electrically interlocked relays also provide the installer adjustable dwell time between speeds as well as double-pole switching when this is required.

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