Network Analyser

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The C-Bus Network Analyser is a C-Bus diagnostic tool used in the field for quickly identifying faults in a C-Bus Network. The Network Analyser is connected to the C-Bus network and is used to measure:

  • excessive or insufficient network voltage
  • presence or absence of a system clock
  • presence or absence of a network burden
  • excessive network impedance.

The device analyses these network parameters and prompts the user for appropriate actions via the LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicators located on the front of the unit.

Product Description

  • Dimensions 60.5mm x 120mm x 30.3mm
  • Powered from C-Bus and supplied with leads
  • Used to measure:
  • C-Bus system parameters
  • Power available
  • Clock signal present
  • Excess voltage
  • Add/remove burden
  • Excess cable indica