Pascal Automation Unit

£542.00 excl. VAT

The C-Bus Pascal Automation Controller (PAC) is a DIN Rail mounted, four module wide C-Bus unitwhich enables C-Bus to perform complex conditional events, real-time scheduling, combinations of conditional events and scheduling, calculations and protocol conversions. The programming language used in the PAC is based on the standard Pascal computer language, enhanced with specific commands related to C-Bus control. The Pascal language supports commands such as IF THEN, AND, OR, etc. The language has been extended to support automation functions such as control and monitoring of C-Bus Groups and Scenes, C-Bus Tag names and Serial (RS232) commands. The unit is programmed via Windows TM compatible Clipsal C-Bus ‘PICED’ configuration software, freely downloadable from the CIS website

Product Description

  • Provides extended conditional and real time event programming for C-Bus
  • 4M DIN modules wide
  • 2 x RS-232 ports for third party device control
  • A scheduling tool allows time-based events to be programmed into the unit
  • A scene programming tool allows installers to quickly and easily program scenes into the unit
  • A programming wizard provides a GUI based method for creating basic logic programs
  • More complex programs are produced by advanced users utilising the free-form text programming method
  • Programming language based on the standard Pascal computer language, enhanced by Clipsal with specific commands related to C-Bus control
  • The language supports commands such as: Conditional logic (if, then, and, or, not, etc.), Flow control (for, repeat, while), Variables (integer, real, Boolean, character, string), Control and monitor C-Bus group addresses, Control and monitor C-Bus scenes, C-Bus tag names
  • Serial (RS-232) input/outpu