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Specialists in lighting specification, design and supply.

ilux Lighting Design & Supply is an independent, fee-based lighting and daylighting consulting company with a broad national practice. Our work includes both residential and commercial lighting design.

We observe strict ethical standards and provide our clients with unbiased, professional services. We provide and sell lighting equipment. We maintain professional standards and are able to offer cad design with lighting control and audio visual integration.

  • Lighting Control C-BUS2

    Your home is about living, and with C-Bus Home Control, it’s about living with ease. C-Bus provides an enhanced lifestyle.

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    Our approach and philosophy is to provide high-quality products at competitive prices with contemporary design.

  • Integrated Systems

    Seamless integrated products.
    Your home. Your choice.
    Your control.

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    View our inspiration section to see our products once installed to give yourself some ideas.